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Its too dark in here. Had  too much caffeine.
My partner had to use my darts. Had to use my partner's darts.
The bar is too crowded. My flights won't stay on.
Can't stay awake It's too cold in here.
My partner didn't show up. The band is too loud.
I slipped on a puddle of beer. The board is too close.
The floor/carpet is too sticky The ceiling fan blew my dart.
The TV is too loud.
Bad day at work.
Can't find my mark. My shafts are loose.
My arm is sore. Had the wrong shoes on.
I don't do well under pressure. Someone bumped me.
My clothes are too tight. The board moved.
I haven't drank enough. Too much to drink.
I was just having fun. The marker moved all the time.
I'm watching the game on TV. The light was in my eyes.
This game didn't matter. I wasn't used to that kind of board.
I didn't get enough practice. I've never beat them before
New darts....New Flights.. My partner made excuses all night.
The bar maids are too cute. Barmaids are too grouchy.
My dart kept bouncing out. The line is wrong

These are but a few of what we've come across so far. If you've heard of any lately do let us know.

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